INSET Day - Wednesday 1 September 2021 - school closed to pupils
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Science Day

On Monday 19th October, every child at The Grange Academy enjoyed a whole day of science! Each year group learned about a different science topic, ensuring that everybody has thoroughly covered the learning that may have been missed over the summer term. It was a great success and a wonderful opportunity for the children to be thoroughly immersed in science.


In Year 6, children used electrical equipment to make complete circuits before learning how to draw accurate circuit diagrams with the correct symbols. They then had fun investigating whether a bulb would be as effective if it was positioned a long way from the light switch by testing the effect of the length of wires on the brightness of a bulb. All adults and children enjoyed a very practical day of science!


Year 5 loved learning all about their teeth and the different jobs they do - especially as they got to bite into apples and sweets to see their imprint. In the afternoon, they learned lots about the digestive system and how their food travels from their mouth to the...toilet!


Year 4 spent the day learning about plants. They started by identifying and naming the different parts of a plant and then had fun learning about how water travels through plants by dyeing the plants with different colours.


Year 3’s thoroughly enjoyed learning about how animals change as they grow. They created life cycles of a frog and a butterfly and they were surprised how amphibians lose their tail as they transition from a tadpole with legs to a frog!