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Singing at the Royal Albert Hall

On Sunday 11th March 2018 The Grange Academy Choir took part in a concert at The Royal Albert Hall. Mr McKelvey and Mrs Gatward had been practising songs with the children for weeks and it certainly paid off. What a performance! Thank you to the staff and children for all their hard work - you gave me goosebumps. I know there will be long lasting memories as the Royal Albert Hall is such a memorable place.

James Dickinson – Head of Hertfordshire Music Service said

“On behalf of the Hertfordshire Music Service I would like to thank each and every performer and school that participated in the Hertfordshire Schools' Gala 2018. Your level of commitment and musicality shone through. You should be very proud of what you achieved - well done!”

Rufus Frowde – Musical Director and Conductor commented

“We asked a lot of you at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday and you rose admirably to the challenge. It would have pushed professional performers to pull off repertoire on this scale with just one 2-hour tutti rehearsal; I am indebted to you as performers and teachers for your hours of preparation to enable this. Will Todd and Michael Rosen were delighted with the first performances of If I Had Wings. All the other works and elements of the programme were performed with such energy and verve. I am still buzzing with the exhilaration of working with you all.