End of Term: Friday 5 April 2019, 2.00 pm finish. School returns Tuesday 23 April 2019
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Year 4

Hudnall Park 

A brilliant time was had by the Year 4 children who visited Hudnall Park last week.
The children developed their team working skills whilst  enjoying being out in the fresh air.  After building dens in the forest they were tested for stability and waterproofing.
The children conducted river studies. At the river, the water was measured to see how deep it was and they identified some of the creatures who lived there. They found leeches, fish and fly larvae.
The children also set up Longworth traps to see if they could catch  mammals. One group were delighted to catch a vole which of course was then set free.
Problem solving activities kept the children busy solving how to  accomplish the vortex, skis, drainpipe challenge and crossing the lava  river.  Evening activities included the kazoo game, football and a talent show. 


The children did us and their parents proud and behaved impeccably.
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  On Monday this week, Safari Stu came to show us his collection of animals. The children got a chance to handle a lesser teneric, a descented skunk, a boa and a chameleon. We have been researching how the animal adapts to its natural habitat. How does a chameleon use its tail? Why does a lesser teneric have spikes? Here is a small selection of the photos. 

Safari Stu

Safari Stu 1
Safari Stu 2
Safari Stu 3
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Last week year 4 took part in a Sikh langar. We shared some food together-chapatis, samosas and carrots and cucumber sticks. Yum! Then we did a seva(act of service). Some children cleaned shoes and some tidied up. What a great example of RE in action. 


Langar 1

Below you can see some of the lovely things we have been up to this Autumn term!

We hope you enjoy looking at some of our work! Click on the small pictures to see larger versions. They will open in a new window. Please close the window to return to this page.

Verulamium trip on Monday 4th December 2017

Make sure you come back soon to check out our awesome photos!
Have a look at some of Year 4's amazing Roman and electricity homework from Autumn term!
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