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Please continue reading to see all of our learning so far this year. From the Greeks to gruesome tales in English; problem solving to persuasive speeches.








During the second half of the Spring term, Year 6 learned all about volcanoes. We used maps and atlases to locate the world's most famous volcanoes, before thinking about their structure and how they affect people who live near them.

We linked our English to our topic and read a book called: "Escape to Pompeii". We wrote newspaper articles, setting descriptions and narrative to explore the infamous Mount Vesuvius.

The Present!

The Present! 1
The Present! 2

Mouldy Bread Experiment


Have you ever left food out for too long? We have been enjoying the sights (and smells) of what happens when you leave some bread in water, on a bookshelf, or on a radiator!


Here are some photos and a write up of the experiment. YUCK!

Picture 1 What a neat write up!
Picture 2 Not for making sandwiches!

English: Mystery and suspense


This term we have been focusing on narrative writing. We used a visual stimulus called 'Alma' to write a narrative story focusing on capturing mystery, tension and suspense.

Some examples of our stories are below; you might even feel some goose-bumps after you have read them!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4



In maths we have focused on reasoning, problem solving and fluency; we have been working really hard on justifying our thinking and explaining 'how' or 'why' we know things to be true. Take a look at some examples of our work on sequences and algebra:

Picture 1
Picture 2

Mountains and volcanoes


During the Spring term, we will be learning about mountains and volcanoes. We have begun our learning studying the geography of mountains, including creating our own contour drawings. We used this skill to create similar artistic designs:

Picture 1

Religious Education


In RE this term we have been learning about Buddhism. We studied the eight-fold path, the teachings of Buddha and enlightenment.

Please take a look at some of our drawings of Buddha:

Picture 1

The Groovy Greeks


During the Autumn term, Year 6 have learned about Ancient Greece.

Some examples of our Ancient Greek learning

Some examples of our Ancient Greek learning 1
Some examples of our Ancient Greek learning 2
Some examples of our Ancient Greek learning 3

Art week


Art week, which took place in the Autumn term, took on the theme of trees. Year 6 pupils worked with a number of teachers across the school to create original pieces of work; the children were inspired by nature to create compositions in paint, pencil, chalk and even leaves and wood!

Picture 1