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Year 3

 Welcome to Year 3 

Cherry & Hazel Classes

In memory of Queen Elizabeth II, Year 3 replicated a penny from 1961 using the printing technique. The history behind this penny was significant for the Queen as it symbolised the beginning of her reign and the use of her face and name on our currency. The children had lots of fun using this skill and then creating some wonderful pieces of work. Both myself and Mrs Bailey are extremely proud of the hard work that went into this and have displayed the children's work across our corridor.

Year 3 have enjoyed starting their fabulous collage topic this term in art. They have enjoyed using a range of materials to create pictures of a wide range of objects, ranging from fruit to bowls. They have been able to show great patience by organising each part of their work and then combining it together to make a final product. Well done to the whole of Year 3!

Hats for happiness 2022 - Cherry class enjoyed having a great time showing off their wonderful hats. Check out our 'hatwalk'. A special mention to Kimberly for winning a giant lolly and a bubble maker for her wonderful headpiece.

Well-being week 2022 - Cherry - We found out that skipping is a great way to feel good about ourselves but also helps improve our mental health. We had a brilliant time skipping with Mrs Lewis and understood the importance of well-being and being active. It was skip-tastic!

For DT afternoons, we created some scrumptious sandwiches all by ourselves! We had to thoroughly wash our hands before prepping our work station and making our sandwich. Firstly, we had to design what our sandwich will look like and what it would need for a filling. We then made a very structured plan on how to make our sandwich, we followed our very own step by step guide. We had to follow health and safety rules to make sure we did not hurt ourselves. We had lots of fun and we learnt how to make a sandwich be nice and tidy without the filling falling out! It also tasted delicious.