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Year 6

Year 6 Leavers

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On the final day of term, we celebrated our Year 6 Leavers 2023. Please enjoy the attached video of their time at The Grange!
Good luck at secondary school!

Year 6 Fun Day!

What a lot of fun we had on the enormous inflatable, decorating cakes and biscuits, playing games and we even had a visit from a fire engine! 

Calculating surface area of 3D shapes

There was a lot of maths involved in calculating surface area! We measured the dimensions of our boxes accurately before completing some tricky multiplication and addition calculations to work out the surface area of the whole shape.

Naughty Boggarts!

Boggarts are creatures which like to cause mayhem for unsuspecting humans. Here are some pictures of Year 6 being naughty boggarts and considering the havoc they could wreak in the classroom. Our naughtiness led into some super writing!


Year 6 have been learning about algebra this half term. Here we are making sequences which we then wrote as algebraic formulae. 

More pie charts!

Look how far we've come in a short time! We have moved on from our first lessons about interpreting data in pie charts. Year 6 have now collected their own data, calculated the angles required to represent their data and then used a protractor to measure and accurately present their own findings in a pie chart. Good work, Year 6; great progress!

Perfect pie charts!

Year 6 worked together to create their own 'human pie chart' during a maths lesson to help visualise interpreting data. The children used their knowledge of fractions, percentages and angles to help draw conclusions about their data.

What a great application of a wealth of year 6 knowledge! 


Year 6 enjoyed their cycling lesson where they worked on starting and stopping safely and bike control. They even had a slow 'race' to see how slow they could go and maintain control. It was a fun morning!


First Aid

Year 6 had a visit from Chris, a paramedic, who came and spoke to us about what to do in a medical emergency and how to do CPR. We all learned some very important skills and had a great session!

World War II rationing cookery - Lord Woolton Pie

Design and Technology

At the end of our topic about The Ancient Greeks, Year 6 studied and then designed their own Ancient Greek sandals. We considered the requirements and design of a sandal, made a prototype out of paper before making our finished piece. 

Shakespeare's Macbeth

Year 6 had a wonderful afternoon, taking part in our annual Shakespeare workshop. The brilliant actors from The Blue Sky Theatre introduced the Shakespearean tragedy of Macbeth and facilitated the retelling of the story whilst the children acted alongside. We all had a thoroughly entertaining time as the children improvised with their own twists!

Fabulous Frescoes!

Following on from our photography, we worked hard on mixing colours to create appropriate tones before designing and painting our own frescoes inspired by nature. Here are a selection of our fabulous frescoes!

Today, we went outside to explore our school environment. Using ideas from our work on Greek frescoes, we took photos of aspects of nature that interested us. We considered the colour and composition of our photos. Have a look at some of our work.

PGL 2022

Year 6 had a brilliant few days at PGL Caythorpe Court. From zip wire to abseiling; sensory trail to orienteering, we took part in some brilliant activities. We certainly demonstrated the Agora value of 'Adventurous and Brave!'

Take a look at us in action...

Calculation strategies

In maths, we have been learning about different strategies to solve calculations. Here we are sorting calculations by the method we would use to find the answers. There was some great conversation in the classroom about which method would be most efficient! Well done, everyone!

A day of royal remembrance...

As part of the Agora Learning Partnership's celebration of Queen Elizabeth II, year 6 researched the decade of the 1960s and recorded significant events in history and for the royal family. They presented their work in their own stamp design showing the recognisable silhouette of her majesty. The stamps were then collated into a class stamp displaying all the children's work.

Mountain Art

We looked at a painting by Mimi Kvinge and studied how she created light and dark and different textures in her work. We then created our own mountain landscapes. Have a look at some of our finished paintings!

Hats for Happiness!

As a finale to well-being week, the children expressed their personalities through hats for happiness.

They were able to showcase their accessories in assembly by modelling on our very own 'hatwalk!'

Year 6 'Scene of Crime Officers'

As part of our series of Mini Police sessions, year 6 got the opportunity to take on the role of Scene of Crime Officers. They learned about how to safely gather evidence and use evidence bags. They even got the investigate what is kept in the boot of a police car! 

In maths this week we have been learning how to calculate surface area of 3D shapes. Here are some pictures of us completing our work.

On Friday 20th May, as part of our whole school outdoor science morning, year 6 ventured into the woodland to explore how living things adapt to our local school environment. Take a look at the photos below to see our fantastic learning...

Today we learned some new vocabulary as we learned about the parts of a circle. In pairs, Year 6 measured the diameter, radius and circumference of circles in class.

World War Two Day - January 2022


To start our new topic on World War Two, Year 6 spent the day learning about the impact of rationing on people's lives. We learned about which foods were rationed and how this affected people's diets. We then worked together to make pear crumbles, learning how to safely use knives and peelers and considering the importance of good hygiene.

We also learned about why people needed to 'make do and mend' as clothes were rationed too! Everybody then completed some sewing, learning how to use a blanket stitch and a back stitch.

We had a great day and made a great start to our new topic for the Spring Term.



As part of our Autumn term art topic, Year 6 have produced their own frescoes (a type of wall painting) inspired by Letchworth Garden City and the local wildlife. The children took inspiration from Ancient Greek artists' composition, colours and tones.

They also studied the work of Michelangelo - one of the most famous fresco painters of all time! 


We hope you enjoy looking through our finished masterpieces! 

Le Français fantastique! 


As part of our Autumn unit of learning in French, Year 6 have written their own versions of the children's story: La chenille qui fait des trous (The Hungry Caterpillar).

The children chose their own subject for their stories, used French dictionaries to help with the vocabulary and created their own versions into a storyboard! 


Take a look at a couple of the finished articles!

Très bien! 

English; action sentences

We have linked our work in art to our history topic of Ancient Greek by studying frescoes. In preparation for designing and painting our own frescoes, Year 6 have been using photography to take a close look at nature in our school environment. We have looked carefully at the colour and varying shades that we found in the plants and trees as well as how we could arrange the subjects of the picture to achieve the best composition. 

Knowing our multiplication facts are very important as we use them all of the time in maths. We started our Year 6 lessons by recalling our multiplication tables and finding different ways that we could practise them. Here we are playing a game to rehearse these skills.

In art, Year 6 looked at the work of war artist, Wilfred Stanley Haines. They considered the colour and texture of the paintings before creating their own artwork in the same style.  Here is a selection of the finished work from both children working at school and at home.

Home Learning- There is a daily English and maths task which we highly recommend children complete. These activities have been set to be completed all electronically so there should be no need for printing. Daily reading can be completed using Bug Club. All other learning is for you to dip into when you feel like it.

The Battle of Britain

Our topic during the Autumn term is The Battle of Britain. Our teachers asked us to complete a homework project all about The Blitz. 

Take a look at some of the work we produced: from models to booklets, posters to poems; we are really proud of what we have completed! 


Battle of Britain art

As part of our Battle of Britain topic work, Sycamore class created pieces of artwork using a range of media. We looked at the aircraft flown in the battle and recreated scenes showing shape, movement and shadow. 

Heavenly handwriting!


In Year 6, we have been working really hard on our handwriting. Through our writing in English, we re-wrote suspense stories using guidelines to practise fluent, joined and consistently sized handwriting.


Our writing centred around the character: Alma, who visits an eerie shop with disastrous consequences.


Take a look at the link if you would like to see the video which inspired our writing... 

Heavenly handwriting



Please continue reading to see all of our learning so far this year. From the Greeks to gruesome tales in English; problem solving to persuasive speeches.








During the second half of the Spring term, Year 6 learned all about volcanoes. We used maps and atlases to locate the world's most famous volcanoes, before thinking about their structure and how they affect people who live near them.

We linked our English to our topic and read a book called: "Escape to Pompeii". We wrote newspaper articles, setting descriptions and narrative to explore the infamous Mount Vesuvius.

The Present!

English: Mystery and suspense


This term we have been focusing on narrative writing. We used a visual stimulus called 'Alma' to write a narrative story focusing on capturing mystery, tension and suspense.

Some examples of our stories are below; you might even feel some goose-bumps after you have read them!



In maths we have focused on reasoning, problem solving and fluency; we have been working really hard on justifying our thinking and explaining 'how' or 'why' we know things to be true. Take a look at some examples of our work on sequences and algebra:

Mountains and volcanoes


During the Spring term, we will be learning about mountains and volcanoes. We have begun our learning studying the geography of mountains, including creating our own contour drawings. We used this skill to create similar artistic designs:

Religious Education


In RE this term we have been learning about Buddhism. We studied the eight-fold path, the teachings of Buddha and enlightenment.

Please take a look at some of our drawings of Buddha:

The Groovy Greeks


During the Autumn term, Year 6 have learned about Ancient Greece.

Some examples of our Ancient Greek learning

Art week


Art week, which took place in the Autumn term, took on the theme of trees. Year 6 pupils worked with a number of teachers across the school to create original pieces of work; the children were inspired by nature to create compositions in paint, pencil, chalk and even leaves and wood!