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Year 5



Year 5 have worked really hard in art and have some produced some fantastic work. They have thought about line, tone, proportion, colour, cross hatching and more. 

Picnic Lunch


Year 5 enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch with their friends and family. The ice creams and ice lollies were a lovely treat in the sun.


Design and Technology


This term, Year 5 have been busy learning how to sew in order to produce drawstring bags. They used running stitch and mastered how to sew on sequins or buttons. We think they have done an incredible job and should be very proud of their bags.



Today we made our own Christingles and discussed the symbolism behind each object. Once we had made them, we headed to the church to participate in a beautiful service. We listened to readings, prayers and sang some Christmas hymns. Mr Chris Tingle also joined the service and checked we knew why we had made our Christingles. He was very amusing!


Reaching Out


Our theme for Anti-bullying this year is 'reaching out'. One of our activities was to reach out to someone who we do not normally work with and create a shoe design that highlighted out uniqueness and differences. We had a lot of fun designing our own shoes!


Anti-bullying Week


This week is anti-bullying week. To show and celebrate our uniqueness and differences we were allowed to wear odd and colourful socks this week at school. What do you  think?


Today we started making our poppies ready for Remembrance Day.  Whilst colouring and cutting, we enjoyed listening to some wartime songs. Next week, we will assemble our poppies and then create a class wreath. 

Check back soon to see our finished product!

Black History Art

Year 5 had the opportunity to experience art in the style of African American artist Lois Mailou Jones. Lois was an artist and teacher who was very proud of her African roots. However when she first became an artist and a clothes designer, her work was not recognised because of segregation and racist attitudes at the time. Through hard work and persistence, Lois is now a recognised artist and her artwork inspires many around the world. Especially year 5!

Hello Yellow

Today was World Mental Health Day so we put on our yellow clothes and stood in solidarity with every person who is struggling with mental health.

The day included: a yellow quiz; design your own super hero; yellow raffle and cake sale. 


Our music lesson this week looked slightly different. Mr Costa arrived with a variety of new instruments from the Caribbean for us to try. He taught us a range of Soca and Calypso beats. We impressed our teachers with how quickly we picked up playing the new instruments and how beautiful we sounded. 

Multiples and Factors

This week in maths we have been exploring factors and multiples. Today we were set the challenge to make the longest sequence of numbers that we could using the cards 1-24. Each number in the sequence had to be a factor or a multiple of the previous number and we could only use each number once.

Well done to Alfie and Shaun-J who both managed a sequence of 17!


It has been an exciting week for Year 5 as they started their online coding sessions. The aims of the first session were: to introduce the students to the fundamentals of game design; show them block-based coding and teach them how to use and explore the MakeCode Arcade platform. Although some parts were quite tricky, the children had great fun creating their own arcade style game.


Today in art we looked at pictures by Dennis Wojtkiewicz; an artist best known for his distinctive large-scale paintings of fruit and flowers. We used his artwork as inspiration for our own work. 

Steel Pans

In music, we started to learn to play the steel pans. We found out where they come from and how to hold the sticks properly. It was very exciting and we are looking forward to our next lesson.

Queen Elizabeth II

Today we looked at some of the changes that happened during the Queen's lifetime. Each school from the Agora Partnership was given a different decade. We were given the 1960s. After conducting some research, we created Andy Warhol inspired pieces of work and placed them on a timeline.


Can you guess which significant event or invention each picture represents?

Hats on for Happiness.

D & T - Bridge Building


In D&T we have been looking at how bridges are formed. We found out they get lots of support from their beams and trusses. We made prototypes using recycled paper and tested the strength of different designs. 

Mini Police


Year 5 had the opportunity to interact and learn from local PCOs (Police community officers). They enjoyed sitting in a police car and learning about what equipment they carry with them. Afterwards, they took part in a mock crime scene and had to carefully bag up evidence. 

Art Week 2021

Henry VIII Collage

We were very lucky to be invited to Fearnhill to make some stained glass biscuits. After a demonstration, the children worked in pairs to follow a recipe in order to create their own cookies. They looked lovely but did not last long as they were delicious!

Fearnhill Christmas Cookies

This term, in order to kick-start our Viking topic with a bang, Year 5 had the opportunity to visit The Royal Gunpowder Mills in Waltham Abbey.  The day consisted of several interesting Viking themes, for example:  longships, jewellery, weaponry, life in the home and runes.


It was an educational and fun-filled day for all and it allowed the children the chance to explore and discover Viking life in an immersive, interactive way. 


Furthermore, the feedback from children was overwhelmingly positive with many pupils informing staff that they would definitely visit the site again.

The Royal Gunpowder Mills

The children were able to choose a Viking project based on their learning in Topic and English lessons.   The amount of effort and

detail that children put into their work was impressive. Here is a fantastic selection of the homework.

Viking Homework

During Anti-Bullying Week, Year 5 acted out a range of scenarios to develop their empathy skills.  They then went on to write their own diary entry from the point of view of a victim/witness. Have a look at some examples based on the short animated clips ‘Little Freak’ and ‘For the Birds’.


Diary Writing

Personification Poetry

Year 5 writers have shown great imagination and creative flair this term.  During English, pupils applied the power of personification in their Viking-inspired poetry and produced some exciting work.  Please take a look!

The Body Switch


During English, Year 5 used a short film from Literacy Shed as a stimulus to write a story.  The film was about Cristiano Ronaldo accidentally clashing heads with an English ball boy whilst playing for his country.  When they wake up the next day, both of them feel a little different and later discover that they have swapped places.  The story is one of hard work as the teenage boy in Ronaldo's body works hard to play as well as his hero.  

Wildlife Area Investigation


Venturing inside our newly revamped 'wildlife area', Year 5 took part in a school-wide investigation of the organisms that live there. We found a variety of spiders, slugs, snails, flies, wasps, bees, beetles and many more crawly creatures!



Well-being Homework

Year 5 produced some wonderful Well-Being homework.

End of Year 5 (2018-19)

Year 5 Tri-golf











Heading into the 'back 9' of the academic year, Year 5 having been working on their golfing technique in the glorious sunshine. Using (plastic) putters and irons, they have navigated bunkers, patches of rough and the classic, nefarious 'stream' across the fairway... Our short game has been much improved! 



Lego Robotics Workshop















Year 5 took part in an all day activity, involving designing, building and programming robots to explore the surface of Mars! The day demanded a lot from the children (teamwork, ingenuity and thinking outside the box) and was very rewarding for all!

Easter Homework Projects - Year 5

Well-being Week - Big Me!

This week across the school we have been learning about more ways to stay healthy: mentally and physically. This included investigating relationships, healthy diets and mindfulness, as well as taking part in karaoke, yoga and other exercises. To round off the week, everyone (adults included) dressed up as their future selves in costume! From chefs to zoo keepers, YouTubers to racing car drivers, we had it all in Year 5!


Artistic representations of our future careers

English this week in Year 5


This week has been very entertaining!


We are responding to short films. Some are animations and some are made with actors and some celebrities!

Enjoy watching them, we will be posting some of the children's work shortly.

Simon's cat

Still image for this video

Science Day 2018


We had a great day learning about the heart in the morning, and building bridges in the afternoon.


It was really nice to the children so engaged about this fantastically interesting subject.

It was also great fun to see how the parents measured up when Birch class gave them a chance to have a go in their class assembly!


Enjoy the pictures!


Year 5.

Science Day 2018

Feeling a little Shakespearean??


We had a Shakespeare workshop in Y5 and Y6. Last year, we had the tragedy, Macbeth.

This year, it was the love story, the greatest love story ever told:


Romeo and Juliet


"For never was a story of more woe,

Than this of our Juliet, and her Romeo..."


We got to act out all the parts, and the children had an amazing time making up their lines!

There were duels, terrific plots, deaths, and lots of high-fiving!


Here are some pictures of the day, as well as some of the work we did afterwards.



Shakespeare workshop

Greetings year 5!


Please find your holiday homework below.

Please have it ready to hand in by Monday 19th.


Be as creative as you like, we are really looking forward to seeing all your creations!


Thank you,


Mr Murphy and Mr McKelvey



Year 5 Half Term Homework - Spring 2018

Beastly beasts have taken over Year 5!


I'm sure many of you have been watching David Attenborough's latest 'Blue Planet 2' on the BBC.


We were inspired by his descriptions of the many weird and wonderful animals that are found in the world's oceans, and decided to create some of our own.

Watch this space for some amazing non-chronological reports. In the mean time, here is a selection of delightful creatures.

Take a look at our creative process, and the finished models!

An explosive afternoon of science!


Last week, we began our FORCES topic in science.

To coincide with the time of year, we decided to add to the fireworks by popping some party poppers.


We carried out an experiment to see how much force is required to pop a party popper. 

Children made predictions and we collected a great set of results.


Did you know the average force required to pop a party popper is 16.25 Newtons?


Here's a video - I just loved the scramble to get all the streamers at the end!

Party poppers in science!

Still image for this video

Back to school!

Hello lovely Year 5 people!


Mr Murphy and I have been working really hard at having fun over the holidays. Mr Murphy has been travelling all over the world, and I have been travelling all over the countryside around my house, trying to get Barney tired out!


We are super excited about seeing you all on Monday morning, and sharing some of the cool stuff we have planned for this term.


We'll be learning about those vicious Vikings, doing some amazing science experiments and learning how to use some of our amazing new computing resources.


Can't wait to get started!


Mr M & Mr M




Mr McKelvey's robins!


Hello everyone!


Over the Easter holidays, I discovered a wonderful thing in my back garden.

A robin had laid 5 eggs in a nest that it had made in my wood shed!


Over the weekend, they hatched. I have been watching them over the last couple of days, and they are very cute!

I thought you might like to have a look at them.


Robin's eggsI want you to do something fun. Can you come up with a name?


I have a box in my class.

Come to me at the start of lunch any day this week and submit your suggestion.

There are five chicks, so there will be five winners: I will announce in one week.


Get thinking!
















Holiday Homework Easter 2017


Hello wonderful people!


It's nearly the holidays - only one more get up!


Today, you went home with your homework for the Easter break. There are some really lovely activities for you to do, and we really enjoyed planning them for you. Even more than that, I really enjoyed hearing all your enthusiastic voices when we discussed what you are planning to do.


Just in case you find you don't have it when you want it, it's here on our Year 5 page for you.


Happy Holidays everyone, and I'm really looking forward to seeing your work on Friday 21st April.



Mr McK :-)

5RM Parent Workshop


Super people reading this web page,


Yesterday, 5RM gave a workshop to parents about Growth Mindset.




Image result for growth mindsetWe have been doing a long project about how to adopt a growth mindset, and use the skills in our learning.

I have really enjoyed finding out about it, and the children have also taken to the topic with tremendous energy!


It was interesting to hear feedback from parents, as when us old people were in school, nobody had ever even thought of growth mindset!


The kids were great - we talked through their learning, and they were able to show off where they made good mistakes; they could explain the differences between growth and fixed mindsets, and could teach all the adults about what being in your learning zone meant!

Image result for growth mindset learning zones

Thank you to all the children for making it a really special event, and to all the parents who came and gave feedback.


As promised, there was a video that couldn't be shown due to a Mr McKelvey mistake (remember - they're good!) So here it is - enjoy!












Lifted - Pixar

(Sound and Score by Adam Crossley) This is submitted for educational purposes and was completed for a third year assignment at university.

5RM Parent workshop - great stuff!



Hello people!

I'm doing an assembly today on fair trade.

Fairtrade is an organisation that works to make sure people around the world get paid fairly for farming and growing products that are sold at considerably higher prices.



Look for the symbol - 

Image result for fairtrade


This means that the farmers who grew the produce used to make your coffee, tea and many other products are paid fairly.


Why is this important?


When farmers aren't paid enough, they don't have money to feed their families and send their children to school.

In the tea growing regions of Malawi, 1 in 10 children die before their fifth birthday.

Fairtrade can stop this happening.

Workers and farmers are paid fairly for their work, so they have access to all the education, essential clothing and housing and healthcare they need to ensure their families are happy and healthy.


You can make a real difference!


More info at 


Mr McK :-)


The home delivery service they weren't expecting

Learn more: Cheap food on the high street often means someone else is paying the price. Low incomes in developing countries keeps farmers in poverty. This leads to poor healthcare, dangerous working conditions and having to send their young children to work. Would people still love a bargain if we brought these problems closer to home?

Happy Pancake Day!


Today is pancake day - Shrove Tuesday no less.

Across the country, lots of people will be getting out the frying pans, and going flipping mad!


I hope to see some of the awesome photos of you all at home, flipping your pancakes and hopefully not getting them stuck on the ceiling!


If you are thinking that you'd love to make some, but don't know a recipe, here's Jamie Oliver with a pukka pancake recipe!


Happy cooking, 

Mr McK :-)


How To Make One Cup Pancakes | Jamie Oliver

Jamie shows you the simplest pancake recipe ever: 1 Cup of self-raising flour, 1 cup of Milk & 1 egg. Easy. But in case he needs some help he's joined by two of his daughters , Poppy and Daisy. More Pancake recipes: This was first shown as part of Jamie's Family Christmas special in 2009 on Channel 4 (UK).

Welcome to the Year 5 page!


We've had a very busy year so far!


We've been doing some amazing learning, and creating some very impressive work.


We wanted to show off everything we have done. Below, you'll find work from most of the term organised by subject. We hope you really enjoy what we've done!

144 Club

25th Jan 2017

This term, we have started a 144 Club in each class in Year 5.

12 x 12 = 144, so 144 marks the highest answer in the tables that we expect children to know.


In order to see how well children are progressing with their tables, we are timing them while they answer 50 times tables questions at random. We have started with the 2, 5 and 10 times tables, and will be adding more each week.


To help practise speedy recall of table facts, check out these websites for fun, interactive games that can be played online.


Also, remember to download the sumdog app, or go to 

See your class teacher if you need a login or password reminder.


Bye for now!


Mr M, Mrs, G and Mrs L :-)

The Earth and Beyond

Art Week

Great Writers!



In English, we have combined our writing with our Topic work.

Here are some photos of work we have produced.




In our Topic work , we have been looking at the Tudors.


We have written Tudor poetry, biographies of Sir Francis Drake, and written recounts of what life may have been like on board a Tudor ship.





We have been doing loads of work on number and place value this term. 

We have also been working with Roman Numerals - which is very exciting and important in case we ever bump into a Roman!

In our lessons on capacity and measure, we have learned about area, perimeter and estimating amounts.

We have also used an app called Show Me! to demonstrate our knowledge.




We have been looking at Data this term.


We collected data using iPads - the ap we used was called decibel tenth. It allows us to measure the noise being produced in the area. We found out that the noisiest classroom in the school was... (not telling!)


We have also been writing a survey. We will be collecting and analysing data about how we use the internet safely. Watch this space - you'll be completing it soon!



We have seen some absolutely beautiful homework this term!


Our Tudor topic has inspired us to make amazing creations - portraits of Henry VIII, the biscuits eaten on Tudor ships, crowns, and other wonderful pieces.

Here are some of them.

We've just been given another assignment, and some of us have already brought the completed items in!

The theme this time is "The Earth and Beyond!"

Here are two examples.



We've had a very busy term so far!

The Science department has been very busy learning about forces and the earth and space.

Our learning has been really varied, and we have done some great experiments and used iPads to demonstrate our learning.

Still image for this video