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World Science Day

As part of World Science Day and to launch their new science topic, year 3 visited the Airbus Discovery Centre in Stevenage.

As well as seeing the prototype Mars Rover in its simulated environment, the children were also treated to a light show and made periscopes! They learnt and saw that light travels in a straight line until it hits a mirror or prism. The children also discovered that the more coloured lights you mix together the lighter it gets, not darker like with paint. The children experimented making rainbows on CDS with torches by separating the colours within white light.

Making periscopes was so much fun and again highlighted the way in which light moves and that you can’t see without a light source.

Of course, a trip to the STEM centre would not be complete without time in the Funzone where the children gave each other electric shocks, completed circuits, discovered the gravitational pulls of different planets, investigated magnets and went on the spinney thing that makes you feel sick (centrifugal force demonstration!)